Tips For Ordering Wine In A Restaurant

Our first tip is for you to plan to order the wine at the same time you order your food, or even before that. This tip might seem an obvious one, but is essential if you want to avoid a situation where you are sipping water with your first course. When looking through the wine list, if you feel that you are not familiar with most of the wines on it, it is best to ask for some help with making your selection. If you are dining in a fancy restaurant you can ask to speak to the sommelier. This is a specially-trained, high-level wine specialist responsible for putting together the wine list making sure that the selected wines compliment the restaurant’s menu. Since not every restaurant employs sommelier or the place you are dining is not that fancy, you can ask to speak to the wine specialist instead. Most likely this will be someone from the staff or the restaurant’s owner who knows the wine list quite well. So now that you have the attention of the sommelier or the wine specialist, here are some useful tips for getting the best help in making your choice:

  1. If you are not sure which wine to go for, simply mention to the specialist your choice of food and ask for suggestions of wines that would compliment this meal. happy hour wine near me
  2. On the other hand if you have stopped at a wine while reviewing the wine list but have difficulties pronouncing its name, you can just point to it or use the wine’s item.
  3. If several wines have caught your attention, you can ask the wine specialist to recommend which one will go best with your meal. One added advantage to that is your subtle way of communicating your price range.